(ca. 1884-Sept. 18, 1954). Born in Potter County, Pennsylvania, Henry L. Simons moved to Indianapolis in 1920. He formed H. L. Simons Designers and Builders, employing architects M. Carlton Smith and Orville Williamson as designers and F. H. Bremerman as construction superintendent. With their help, Simons erected more than 300 houses on Indianapolis’ northside. Simons constructed residences in many areas of Indianapolis, as well as other cities in the state, but he is best known as the builder of several homes in the North Meridian Street Historic District, constructed primarily on speculation. He was the first local developer to build speculation houses in the $100,000 range (equal to $1.3 million in 2020).

Henry Simons House, 1927
Credit: Bass Photo Co Collection, Indiana Historical Society.

Simons’ firm designed homes in a variety of the architectural styles popular at the time, including Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and French Provincial. His houses were known especially for their attractive interior designs. His office was in his own Simons-designed home at 5151 North Meridian Street until the 1940s, when he moved to a location on Broadway Street.

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