Camby is a southwest Decatur Township community located near the intersection of Kentucky Avenue (S.R. 67) and Camby Road. In the 19th century, the town now known as Camby was a farming area. In 1888, Don Carlos Morgan and his wife, Mary Alice, purchased land and settled there. Morgan could see potential in the site and donated property for a railroad depot. He also opened a grocery store and petitioned for a post office. When he was asked to name the town Morgan suggested the name Camby, reportedly after a Brazilian city.

Morgan continued to serve the community in a variety of capacities, including postmaster, until his death in 1935. Camby has remained small and rural, despite its location along the railroad and highway. Residents, however, anticipated the development of the area, improved roads, and installed sanitary sewers.

Since the 1990s, Camby has attracted some suburban residential construction.

Revised July 2021

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