(Apr. 28, 1866-June 30, 1931). Born in Cincinnati, Albert Eugene Sterne studied at Harvard (B.A.) and the University of Berlin (M.D.) and continued his education in hospitals in Dublin, London, Strasbourg, and Berlin. In 1893, he came to Indianapolis to practice general medicine.

Norways Sanitorium, established by Albert Eugene Sterne, 1907
Credit: Bass Photo Co Collection, Indiana Historical Society

The Central College of Physicians and Surgeons appointed Sterne the chairman of the department of mental and nervous disorders in 1894 (see medical schools). In this capacity, he supported efforts to centralize medical education in Indiana and retained the chairmanship of his department when Indiana University School Of Medicine was formed. His classroom techniques included innovative visual aids of his own design, such as colored slides.

Sterne also established Norways Sanatorium in Indianapolis in 1896. Norways specialized in research, diagnosis, and study of nervous and mental disorders and attracted patients from across the country. In addition to teaching and his medical practice, Sterne published extensively and was associate editor of the Journal Of Nervous And Mental Diseases and editor of The Medical Monitor. He was appointed assistant surgeon general of Indiana by Governor Winfield Durbin, and he was president of the Ohio Valley (1910) and later the Mississippi Valley medical associations.

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