An operation of the University Of Indianapolis (formerly Indiana Central University), WICR began broadcasting at 88.7 FM in August 1962, featuring a variety of musical and educational programs.

WICR initially served a limited audience within a ten-mile radius of the station. During the late 1970s, however, the Lilly Endowment granted $175,000 to upgrade WICR’s broadcasting facilities. The station also received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to boost its power from 10 watts to 2,500 watts and to increase its broadcast tower height, which allowed the use of a 1,000-foot tower owned by WRTV (Channel 6) at 79th Street and Township Line Road. 

The new facilities expanded WICR’s stereo broadcast range from Kokomo to Columbus and from New Castle to Greencastle. Shortly thereafter, the station increased its broadcast day to 24 hours.

Since the turn of the century, WICR has continued to make upgrades in its broadcasting technology, moving in 2005 to a state-of-the-art facility in Esch Hall. In 2013, the station became Classical Music Indy, with Gene Sease, president of the university at the time, and Norbert Neuss, president of the Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis leading the effort to upgrade WICR’s facilities and broadcast power. 

The improved facilities led to an alliance of interest between the university and the Fine Arts Society. The university is responsible for jazz, news, and public affairs programming, and Classical Music Indy for all of the classical music programming. In addition, the station acts as a laboratory training facility for students in a Department of Communications practicum. The noncommercial station also presents adult contemporary and big band music as well as University of Indianapolis sports.

Revised July 2021

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