The second independent commercial FM station in the city, WAIV went on the air in 1961 from studios in the Dearborn Hotel on East Michigan Street. It operated at 105.7 FM. What made WAIV unique was its classical format and its owners, all Ph.D.s and M.D.s from Eli Lilly And Company. Microbiologist Carl W. Godzeski was president and program director, while another Ph.D., Norbert Neuss, oversaw classical music.

With its limited commercial appeal, WAIV never made money for its owners. In 1966 the station solicited donations from its listeners, a forerunner of the fund drives now common on public radio and television stations. WAIV was sold in 1967 to a local group of prominent Democratic politicians, led by Marion County party chair James Beatty and the president of the Metropolitan Plan Commission, Dr. Frank Lloyd. That group changed the station to WTLC.

Neuss continued his support of classical music by founding the Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis in 1968. Using the records from the old WAIV library he created the classical Second Programme, which the Society made available to Wian.

The Second Programme was moved to the University of Indianapolis station, Wicr, at the end of 1982. The Fine Arts Society became known as Classical Music Indy in 2013 and reincorporated with that name in 2017.

Revised June 2021

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