Citing the absence of adequate commercial reporting in local papers and the need to promote the interests of the Indiana Banking Association, Arthur F. Hall and stocks-and-bonds salesman Joseph T. Elliott Jr., started the Daily Reporter in September 1895. Although its title was changed to the Commercial Reporter in May 1903, the paper continued its focus on markets, legal proceedings, and other business issues.

In April 1908, Fred L. Purdy, formerly of the Indianapolis Sun, acquired the Commercial Reporter, enlarged its coverage, and dropped Reporter from the title. Over the ensuing decades, the paper passed through numerous owners including the Enquirer Printing and Publishing Company of which former governor J. Frank Hanly was president and editor (1919-1920), and Robert V. Welch (1972-1979). The Indianapolis Daily Legal, Inc., acquired the paper in 1985. and continued publishing it as a daily.

In 1994, the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) took over the work of the Indianapolis Commercial. In addition to being the primary provider of business news in Central Indiana, the IBJ publishes the Indiana Lawyer and the Court And Commercial Record.

The Court and Commercial Record includes recent lawsuits filed in the county, mortgages, building permits, sheriff sales, bankruptcies, etc., as did the Indianapolis Commercial. From 1994 to 1996, it appeared daily. Starting in 1996, the IBJ published the Court And Commercial Record three times per week. In 2021, the publication is a weekly, available in print and digital formats.

Revised April 2021

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