Symbolized by a griffin, Hollenbeck Press was founded in 1864 as Carlon and Hollenbeck and located at the southeast corner of Meridian Street and the Circle. New York native Charles E. Hollenbeck bought controlling interest in the company in 1898, changing its name to Hollenbeck Press. The company was the first printer in Indianapolis to do fine art and artistic printing. When Hollenbeck died in December 1901, the company reorganized with William C. Bobbs, Charles W. Merrill, and Merrill B. Barkley as directors and controlling stock owners. In 1904, they erected a new plant at the northwest corner of Market and New Jersey streets and installed the latest printing and binding machinery.

Hollenbeck Press at the northwest corner of Market and New Jersey streets, 1907 Credit: Bass Photo Co Collection, Indiana Historical Society View Source

Hollenbeck Press produced many of the city’s historical pieces, city directories, and local newspapers, such as the Indianapolis News and the Indianapolis Journal. It also printed corporate promotional materials for Eli Lilly And Company, Marmon Motor Car Company, and Fletcher Savings and Trust Company. By 1941, the company had relocated to 126 North Noble Street (later College Avenue) where it existed until it ceased operations due to bankruptcy filing in 1981.

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