(Aug 4, 1908-June 23, 1967). Frank Allyn Edwards was born in Mattoon, Illinois, and grew up in Sullivan, Illinois, and New Albany, Indiana. His broadcasting career began in 1923 when he was hired as an unpaid announcer on KDKA, Pittsburgh. He also worked in radio in New Albany, Lexington, Kentucky, and Louisville.

While in Louisville in 1943, Edwards began a weekly news and commentary program on the Mutual network. In 1944 he came to Indianapolis, working for Wibc radio, then moved to Wish in 1948. In 1949, he again took a job with Mutual, broadcasting first from Indianapolis, then Washington, D.C. He stayed with the network until 1954. Returning to Indianapolis, he was hired by Wttv Channel 4 to anchor its nightly newscast.

While at Mutual in the early 1950s, Edwards attended a number of Air Force briefings on unidentified flying objects and became fascinated by the subject. He talked about UFOs on many of his programs and also wrote six books on the subject. His most famous book, Flying Saucers— Serious Business (1966), was an international bestseller.

Edwards wrote about his early radio career in his first book, My First 10,000,000 Sponsors, published in 1956. The title referred to membership of the American Federation of Labor, his sponsor on the Mutual broadcasts. Edwards was fired in 1954 by George Meany, leader of the AFL, in a dispute over censorship of Edwards’ broadcasts.

Edwards moved to WLW-I Channel 13 (see Wthr) in the early 1960s to host a late-night talk show and was working as a commentator for Wxlw radio when he died.

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