The Association of Newlynn Neighbors is a neighborhood organization representing an area bounded by Kentucky Avenue to the north, I-465 to the south and the west, and Mann Road to the east. This organization was registered in 2017.

In 1950, this area was almost exclusively farmland. Some houses, mostly built in the 1930s, were clustered along Mooresville Road. In the ensuing decade, some residential subdivisions were developed. One-quarter of the neighborhood’s housing stock was constructed in the 1950s.

Interstate 465 was constructed in the 1960s. The Kentucky Avenue exit provided easy access to Newlynn Neighbors and nearby Mars Hill. More housing was developed in the 1960s, particularly east of Gerard Drive and south of Mooresville Road.

In the 1970s, single-family subdivisions continued to expand south toward Interstate 465. A large apartment complex, Winchester Village, was built along Mann Road in the early 1970s. Horizons Apartments were developed in 1976, adding more multi-family housing with close access to the interstate.

In 1972, the Marwood Plaza shopping center was built at the Intersection of Mann Road and Kentucky Avenue. As of 2021, the shopping center was still the principal retail for the community, with a Kroger grocery, restaurants, a bank, and a barbershop. A Marsh grocery opened in 1993 near the same intersection but closed when the company went bankrupt in 2017.

As the community first developed in the 1950s, the closest job centers were the industries along Kentucky Avenue northeast of Mars Hill. Rail lines served these industries, including an Eli Lilly And Company. The development of interstates and the Weir Cook Municipal Airport provided infrastructure to serve new industrial development. Beginning in the 1960s, light industry and distribution firms grew around Sam Jones Expressway and Executive Drive. As of 2018, 38,000 jobs were located in and around the airport, including a FedEx Express National Hub.

Revised July 2021

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