Graves Realtors began in 1924 when A. H. Merriam Graves teamed with fraternity brother William L. Bridges to form the Bridges & Graves Company.  A. H. M. Graves Company, Inc. was formed in 1948 when Graves and Bridges parted ways. Graves served as the new company’s president until he died in 1967. His son-in-law, Thomas Scott Osborne, then became president of the company and pushed more focus towards residential real estate. In reaction to this change, local rival F. C. Tucker Company then focused on local commercial real estate. That same year Osborne retired, and his son succeeded him.

A row of single-family homes.
Houses on North Haverford Street, constructed by Bridges & Graves Realty, the predecessor to A. H. M. Graves Company, 1930 Credit: Indiana Historical Society View Source

The company’s name, A. H. M. Graves Company, Inc., dated to February 1977, although as of the early 1990s the firm was still often called Graves Realtors. Graves operated eight sales offices in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Employing roughly 325 people, including some 280 real estate agents, by the early 1990s Graves was the second-largest real estate firm in the Indianapolis area.  

In 2005, A. H. M. Graves Company merged with a newly established firm, Resource Commercial Real Estate.

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